The  Youth Sports Development Foundation of India (YSDF) is an autonomous entity registered under Trust Act (INDIA), aspiring to promote professionalism in sports and establishment of quality standards in educational organizations preferably in rural and semi-urban regions of India.

Register under:- Indian Govt. Trust Act, International Standard Organization Certified Foundation, Ministry of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises. , NITI Ayog Goverment of India, Quality Council Of India (QCI) 

Associated With:- Asia Youth Sports Development Foundation, World Youth Sports Development Foundation  

Pledge with:- National Commission for Women-India Goverment of India ,Rashtriya Ekta Diwas Pledge Goverment of India, National Human Rights Commission –India Goverment of India , World Soil Day Pledge Goverment of India , Fuel Conservation Pledge Goverment of India , Namami Gange Pledge Goverment of India and Khelo India Goverment of India .

International Members with :- International Sport and Culture Association

ISCA Member :- International School Sports Federation

ISSF Recongized By:- International Olympics Committee

ISSF Parteners:- Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF),United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Special Olympics


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The objectives for which the Trust is founded are:

  1. To work for promotion of Professional Sports and incidentally sport persons, Primary and higher education in the fields of literature and arts, culture, science, commerce, law, B.Ed., Fine Arts, Medical, Para Medical, Pharma, Engineering, Management, housing, Architecture and various allied educational/ Technical courses, across all sections of society also using sport persons. Trust shall be a public charitable trust having no profit motives.
  2. To work in alliance and support of the government agencies in implementing the policies made by the central and/or state governments for the purpose of facilitating professional sports training, housing, education and food and/or other fundamental needs also using sport persons.
  3. To work for promotion of Professional Sporting, education etc. by the said Trust having charitable character, setout herein after as it is necessary, for the fulfillment of the desire of the “author” and to which may be added such other objects from time to time as is necessary for the benefits of the trust.
  4. To establish Professional Sports training Schools/ Academies, Educational and Research institutions of all stature, Old Age Homes, Short Stay Homes for benefits of public without any distinction also using sport persons.
  5. To also work and focus on Professional Sports training, Development of Sports Multiplexes / Stadiums / Schools, and Primary, Secondary, Higher, Technical, Medical, Paramedical, Pharmaceutical, Engineering, Management, Architecture and/or other various allied educational institutions to aid players and the wards of former players of any stature across India.
  6. To work for the social, economical, educational, professional, physical (Health), mental i.e. an all round development for the under privileged section of society taking professional aptitude for sports the centre of overall activities.
  7. To promote better understanding and harmony among various regional, linguistic and religious groups through sport’s
  8. To promote, train and hone boys and girls professionally in the field of sports, technology, education, medical and all possible fields and provides quality content and teaching aid.
  9. To provide training of foreign languages to needy sport persons and under trainees
  10. To use information technology to its full extent for propagation of information and knowledge.
  11. To organize events for promotion of sports, sports trainees, technology, culture, arts, fashion, industrial training and others when and where required for social benefits in collaboration with corporate world under Corporate Social Responsibilities.
  12. To grant scholarship to deserving candidates/students/sports persons
  13. To aid self entrepreneurship by providing economic support, training and management support also using sport persons.
  14. To establish Institutions for the benefit of society like Hospital, Dispensaries, Nursing Homes, Asylums, Orphanage, Dharamshalas / Musafir Khana, Inns etc. also using sport persons.
  15. To liaison and develop mutual areas of co-operation with different organization of national regional and international stature as well as with specialized institutions and individuals to further the objectives of the federation also using sport persons.
  16. To assist the national and international funding agencies in bilateral and mutual development of institutions in alleviating poverty and augmenting human development also using sport persons.
  17. To organize seminars, workshops, conferences in all the priority areas mentioned above.
  18. To collaborate and co-operate with the institutions and organizations having similar aims and objectives.
  19. To carry on such further charitable objects of general public utility as are compatible or in conscience with the objectives of the trust.
  20. To work in alliance with government and non government agencies to eradicate social evils like illiteracy, poverty, superstition and other factors that re card the general development of the humanitarian traits, irrespective of race, sex, colour, religion, cast and creed also using sports etc.
  21. To preserve and develop specialized areas to represent vintage heritage of Indian societies, i.e. develop vintage cities depicting the cultures of different iconic civilization of India to promote tourism.
  22. To establish research institution to aid and promote invention, discoveries, development of arts, culture, literature and other aspects of research for betterment of mankind for betterment of sports and the people in need.
  23. To establish centers to provide subsidized medical aid in compliance with national, international, government and non government agencies to sport persons and the people in need.
  24. To establish universities or deemed universities promoting sports
  25. To publish journals, news papers, books for promotion of knowledge, sports and to exchange ideas and promote art, literature and ideologies.
  26. To lend money from Trust Fund or provide other resources from the trust property to deserving candidature duly decided by the trustees, for fulfillment of either or all of the objectives of the trust.


The foundation anyhow manages the affiliates so far by organizing different events related to adventure sporting, professional sporting, events of cultural significance as well as voluntary contributions. The federation has successfully established organizations i.e. Schools and sports academies, but in respect of the level of demand it is just a start and there is much potential envisage to take it to the larger scale. It is to this context to benefit those incumbents who are far behind in approaching such facilities. Otherwise they would be denied of making their dream come true. Considering the demand for affordable schools and sports facilities in rural and semi-urban areas where there is limited access to quality education and sports opportunities. It is ensured that the students in these institutions get sufficient opportunity to assess their talents and pursue them. Sports academies are run in conjunction with schools for professional training right from the very beginning. Apart from sports and education, developing other talents in the students is also among the concerns of the organization. Training and education of around 1000 student is being done in the institutions developed so far. Basis on above mentioned scenario following are the major concern emerges for the organization.